Finding the best candidates since 2012

Attracting the most qualified candidates is a challenge for many companies. High demand skills such as cybersecurity and software engineering can be especially difficult. Our proven approach and processes will allow you to go from open requisition to new employee without having to worry about recruiting.

Creative Recruiting Solutions

There is no one-size fits all solution for recruiting. Finding the perfect candidate for an open position is different from building a pipeline for future hiring. ​Whatever your needs and budget are, we can help find your next great employee!

We Bring Everything

In addition to professional recruiters with extensive experience, we provide all the tools for the search at no extra cost including LinkedIn Recruiter, job boards, and ads. There’s never an additional charge.

Fully Screened and Qualified Candidates

Receiving a resume with no information about the candidate is a waste of time. At ClientMind, we give you a full narrative to better understand what a candidate brings to the position and what they’re looking for. Included in our narratives is critical information about what the candidate is seeking in a new role and why they are leaving their current position.

Our Turnkey Process

From start to finish, our focus is on making the recruiting process as efficient as possible. From ensuring that we understand the position, to coordinating all interviews and checking references, we work to take as much as we can off your plate. We reach over 95% of prior managers for our 10 point qualitative reference check process.

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