We are your part-time in-house recruiter

Imagine if you could have an in-house recruiter only when you need them. That’s us! We work on an hourly basis for as few as 10 hours a week. You can start and stop us as your needs change with no extra fees or penalties.

No placement fees...ever

Most recruiting firms charge a placement fee of 20% and 30% of starting salary which can add up quickly.

We bring everything

Our hourly fee includes everything we need to find a great candidate for you. We pay for tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter, job boards and ads. There is a never an additional charge.

All candidates belong to you

Unlike a contingent recruiter, we provide all contact information with every candidate we send. You are free to reach out to any candidate at anytime.

Fully screened and qualified candidates

There’s nothing worse than wasting time looking at unqualified candidates. We fully screen candidates and provide key information such as salary requirements, how their background and experience fit with the position requirements, and why they are leaving their current position.

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